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Geburtstagskarte mit lila Bluete und Haiku

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Faszination weltweiter Kunst und Farbe!

Kleinformatige Bilder von Künstlern aus aller Welt

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The online journal Amber Rose is an oasis for the soul. Cultural education and a cultural mindset are key to intellectual enjoyment, relaxation, freedom and democracy. We would like to thank you for your generous support of our work as a PR-service provider and authors in the areas of relaxation, culture and art. We also welcome sponsors from relevant companies and institutions as well as donations from friends, benefactors and patrons of art.


Kleinformatige Bilder von Künstlern aus aller Welt

Fascination of worldwide art and color. Visit our intercultural art installations in the upper menu!


Art Book Sponsoring

Interested parties from abroad can support our work via art book sponsorship. You can contribute to the printing costs of our international art book (exhibition catalog) or contribute as a general sponsor. We will print your company logo on the first page of the book or mention you as a cooperation partner.

You can find out more about the different participation levels on this page. You can also purchase our art book as a promotional gift and thus promote the spread of art. The art book also appears as a gift book in the book trade and is distributed in the German library network.


Geschenkbuch "Kunstretreat" mit 205 Kunstbildern aus aller Welt, Haiku-Gedichten, Skulpturen und Musik sowie Tipps zum Wohnen, Kunstmeditation und Weinmeditation

Gift book “Kunstretreat” with about 200 paintings from all over the world


Donation target: 3,500 Euros

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With this donation, you support the printing of our annual gift book “Kunstretreat” and underwrite the cost of sending this exhibition catalog to all of the participating artists!

The international traveling exhibition “Fascination of worldwide art, color and meditation” takes place annually. The exhibition catalog is published by us in the form of an art and gift book, with instructions for the relaxing or careful consideration of images of art.

The book shows small-format images of a wide range of art styles and techniques from around 200 artists from around 50 countries. It also contains the haiku poems of hundreds of poets from all over the world. The haiku is regarded as the shortest poem in world literature. In addition, sculptures as well as articles on the subjects “living with pictures”, “color, space, design”, “fine arts, lyrics and wine” and other popular themes from the field of fine arts are included in the book. The book will be distributed free of charge to all participating artists. In addition, it can be purchased through the book trade.

Each donor will also receive a free copy of the book from the previous year, while supplies last!

The art book as a free e-book

We also publish the art book or the exhibition catalog as a free e-book on the Internet—especially in the context of our free congratulations. A “sneak peek” as well as more detailed information about the art book can be found at the following link:

Example: Exhibition catalog „KUNSTRETREAT“

The art book as a promotional gift


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You can purchase our art books as a promotional gift and in this way promote the spread of art. We will provide you with the InDesign file. If you are interested, please contact us by phone or mail.

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Als Buchautorin und Journalistin arbeitet Gabriele Walter mit dem Künstler und Grafiker Kurt Ries zusammen. In ihrem Reise- und Relaxblog helfen sie den Lesern, im Sinne der Selbstfürsorge und Prävention Stressverhalten zu korrigieren und sich Energie, Lebensfreude und mentale Kraft zuzuführen. Dabei fördern sie auch Kunst und Muse. INFOS oberste Menüleiste: Referenzen, Über uns, Blog-Überblick, GRATIS-GRUSSKARTEN + ANLEITUNGEN ZUM RELAXEN, KUNSTEVENTS

Kunst genießen!

Kleinformatige Bilder von Künstlern aus aller Welt

u.a. Collagen Holzschnitt Linolschnitt Kupferstich Holzstich Radierung Lithographie Ölbilder Aquarelle Zeichnungen Pastell Mixed Media Digitaldruck

Muße und Muse: Reisetipps, gewürzt mit Lifestyle, Kunst, Poesie. Glückwünsche, Videos. Geführte Entspannung durch Genuss und Achtsamkeit. (© Text, Foto, Multimedia, Musik, künstl. Konzept: G. Walter, K. Ries)

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